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    “My knowledge of the ‘protein diet’ led me and my team to revolutionize anti aging and peptide skin care over 20 years ago” Dr. Louise Peck

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    “Friends say I look younger than my age. They can't believe it. I love that it works and I can visually see results after one use” Joanne D., 48 years

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  • “HydroPeptide® has won 10 national beauty awards as well as International Innovation Award, click here to learn more.”.

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Anti Aging Skin Care

Scientific Beauty Made Simple™

HydroPeptide is an industry leader in Peptide based anti aging skin care products. People love HydroPeptide because it really works – check out what people are saying about their wrinkle-free results thanks to HydroPeptide. The innovative treatments we offer significantly improve the look and feel of your skin and have shown to safely and naturally restore depleted collagen. HydroPeptide anti aging skin care products will actually make your skin feel healthier! How does HydroPeptide help your skin? The secret is Peptides.

Peptides are microscopic protein fragments able to trigger changes in skin health at the cellular level. In fact, peptides are the only ingredients proven to directly stimulate new collagen growth. That means over time, the more often you treat your skin with HydroPeptide, the more youthful your skin appears. It is almost like turning back the clock on your age. Click here to learn more about Our Science.

The Last Anti Aging Skin Care Regimen You'll Ever Need

Every day, your skin is exposed to external factors like free radicals, wind, harsh weather, stress, and the ultraviolet radiation (UV) found in sunlight. Over time, the daily damage accumulates – and eventually starts to make your skin look older: wrinkles, age spots and discoloration are the most common signs. Maybe you're noticing fine lines around your eyes. Maybe you're just starting to need to wear a little more makeup every day, to bring back some of that natural glow. The signs of aging can make us feel self-conscious, and can have a serious affect on how we feel when we look in the mirror. But luckily, you're not helpless in treating the signs of aging! HydroPeptide skin care products are clinically proven to lessen the signs of aging, fast!

HydroPeptide skin care products simplify your anti aging skin care regimen. Our passion is anti aging skin care which isn't only for reducing wrinkles, it's preventing them in the first place! Dr. Louise Peck, PhD, founded HydroPeptide when she began to realize the potential that peptides have to help peoples' skin and the benefits they provide in anti aging skin care. In 2004, HydroPeptide became the first skin care company to incorporate peptides into every anti aging skin care product. Currently, the HydroPeptide collection includes an industry leading 21 different peptides. It is this variety of anti aging skin care peptides that make our products so effective, yet gentle, safe, and soothing to use.

Anti Aging Skin Care Science the Experts Trust

HydroPeptide is the winner of eight beauty awards since 2009 and is Prevention magazine's 2010 Defy-Your-Age-Beauty-Award winner for "Best Day Cream with SPF." All HydroPeptide products are designed with anti aging skin care in mind, formulated for all skin types, are cruelty-free, paraben free, phthalate free and contain ECOCERT organic ingredients.

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